Stevan Popovic'


I'm a commercially minded startup guy, living and working in London. I have ambitions to build my own company but right now I'm focused on learning in high-growth tech startups.

Currently, I am the Affiliate Partnerships Manager at Deliveroo where I manage our affiliate marketing and mobile acquisition.

In my own time, I like to explore business ideas, play with code and learn new things. In an effort to create a stream of passive income, I started a new project called Learning By Doing. I've also created For Future Founders and For Future Funders to share resources I love about startups, technology and venture capital.

Previously, I graduated from The University of Nottingham and worked for YPlan in partnership development. I co-organised Silicon Kickabout, mentored at Connect and have written for The Huffington Post and Hot Topics Tech. I also spent my childhood playing football.

On this site, you can read more about me, view my projects or contact me.